Tyre Rotation And Balance
Unbalanced and incorrectly aligned wheels may be the cause of your vehicle pulling to one side when driving. Apart from this being dangerous it will lead to premature wear and in time the early replacement of your car tyres and possibly suspension. Wheel Balancing Wheel Balancing ensures that your tyres and wheels donít have a heavy spot that may cause vibration and premature tyre wear. A tyre is out of balance when one section of the tyre is heavier than the others. A wheel balance redistributes weight around the tyre to extend the life of your tyres and increase your vehicles safety. Unbalanced tyres may also cause accelerated wear of your shock absorbers, struts and other steering and suspension components. Your vehicles wheels should be balanced: When replacing your tyres, When rotating your tyres, If your steering wheel is vibrating, If your tyres are particularly noisy. Regular rotation of tyres is a proven method for promoting even wear and therefore extending tread life. If uneven wear has occurred, this may be due to worn suspension components, vehicle misalignment or incorrect tyre balance. These concerns cannot be corrected by simply rotating the tyres. Front to back same side rotation is acceptable when tyres are wearing unevenly. If the spare is included in the rotation it should be exchanged with the tyre allocated to the right hand rear position. Wheel Alignment A Wheel Alignment is measuring and then positioning the wheels of your car in a way that ensures the least amount of wear for your tyres. Correctly set to your vehicles specifications it will extend the life of your tyres, be safer to drive and improve handling and fuel economy. A Wheel Alignment is recommended when: Tyres are being replaced Hitting a nasty pothole or kerb If your steering wheel isn't straight If your vehicle wanders or pulls either side on a straight road Each vehicle has different specifications for measuring alignments and at P&D Autos we have all the reference material available to ensure that your vehicle is aligned with the best possible results. Keeping the correct inflation in your tyres and making sure that they are at there correct alignment will improve your vehicle's consumption of fuel and provide you with a more effortless driving experience and help you in situations of quick maneuvering.